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Gypsy soul decoration. Macramé Wall Hangings, Macramé Plant Hangers, Macramé Coasters, Cushion Covers, and more to decorate your boho home. Lovely decoration for your home.

Boho Driftwood Jewellery Organizer

€25.00 EUR

Driftwood Jewellery Holder - Full Moon

€15.00 EUR

Macramé Coasters

From €13.00 EUR - €25.00 EUR

Macrame Plant Hanger - Waves

€59.00 EUR

Macrame Plant Hanger - Sunrise

€69.00 EUR

Small Wood Macramé Wall Hanging

€25.00 EUR

Macramé Wall Hanging on Driftwood

€49.00 EUR

Blue Boho Wall Hanging

€59.00 EUR

Macrame Wall Hanging with Red Fabric and Feathers

€65.00 EUR

Macramé Wall Hanging with Peacock Feathers

€59.00 EUR

Boho Macramé Magnet

€5.00 EUR

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